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a Postdoc Researcher
He works at University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
He tweets from @samaaron

Sam Aaron

By day, Sam Aaron is a mild-mannered Research Associate at the Cambridge University Digital Technology Group. By night, he’s a live coder who considers programming as performance and strongly believes in the importance of celebrating creativity within all aspects of programming. He is also the lead developer of Overtone and Quil, both very powerful live coding platforms and the creator of sonic Pi which is used to teach programming to young people and children. Sam’s talk and performance will be a compelling display of what happens when you mash up passion, creativity and code.

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As founder, owner and CTO of Matmi, I also act as the creative force and digital visionary behind the award winning agency. Over the past 14 years at Matmi I’ve worked for a variety of clients across multiple sectors advising them on digital strategy, gamification and branded entertainment. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m pleased how far digital has evolved; I’m happy that we’ve played a part in this evolution.

As a digital strategist, my opinions (not always mainstream!) have been sought by clients and major advertising agencies. I’m an internationally known keynote speaker and talk at a variety of events across the world. I’ve spoken at many leading events including Casual Connect, Develop, Digital Swot, TIGA, TEDx, SASCON, GSUMMIT, AR Conference, ICE gaming, IAB, Digital Picnic, Launch Conference, Travolution, Festival of Games and at Parliament.

My work has seen me help catapult Lily Allen to the top of the charts, taught millions of kids to brush their teeth, vastly increased donations for leading charities like Comic Relief and Cancer Research and I’ve helped to increase brand awareness and sales for many of the world’s leading brands. I’ve co-produced games with many celebrities including collaborating with Warwick Davis on the critically acclaimed app Pocket Warwick. Recently I’ve been working within the travel and leisure industry and advised and implemented gamification and technology solutions for major theme parks and airlines.

My work with Matmi, and industry reputation lead to my appointment on the board of Creative England. As an industry veteran my knowledge is sought by many leading technology firms including Microsoft, Sony Playstation, DELL, SEGA and most recently iTagged (watch this space).

With my great team at Matmi I’ve produced and directed award winning campaigns for so many amazing clients including The Gorillaz, United Airlines, Alton Towers, Comic Relief, ASDA, Vimto. Awards won include the Webbys, Big Chip, Fresh, Dadi, Cannes Lions, BT music awards. Our work has been mentioned in many leading news outlets and in a host of industry publications. I’ve written many articles for the industry press and our work has been featured on television, film and even at an Iron Maiden concert!

The uptake of mobile devices, along with the groundbreaking technology involved in IPTV, Augmented Reality, Google Glass and iOptiks suggests we are heading towards really exciting times within the digital industry, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the next stage in its evolution; pioneering new ways to integrate these incredible technologies for brands and audiences to enjoy.

I look forward to the next evolution of digital where it seamlessly merges with the physical world where we interact with emotion and motion that will help humanise the technology that we use.

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