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Ed Carter

Ed Carter devises and creates musical compositions and interdisciplinary projects that are context-specific, with a focus on process. He takes patterns, associations, and chronology, and uses these to form the structures of new site-specific work. Barographic, his current project at The Lowry, turns the venue’s architectural form into a 3D music sequencer, and creates melodies from atmospheric pressure readings taken in the gallery space. Ed’s talk will look at the relationship between architecture and music.

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Ruth Daniel is a social entrepreneur, activist and cultural producer. Based at Manchester University she co-directs the In Place of War (IPOW) initiative. IPOW supports artists and creative communities living in sites of war, revolution and conflict to build powerful networks, create social change through creativity and demonstrate the value of the arts to public space, public life and public debate. They achieve their mission using multiple tools such as digital platforms and education. She strives to empower young people by giving them the ability to connect in the world’s most challenging contexts. Previously, Ruth founded the independent label Fat Northerner Records.

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