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She works at University of Manchester
She tweets from @EngineerDG

Danielle George

Professor Danielle George is a Professor Radio Frequency Engineering and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Manchester University. Described by the Guardian as one of 2014’s heroes in science she delivered the hugely prestigious Royal Institution Faraday Christmas Lecture. Originally from Newcastle, Danielle has a long history in Manchester. She completed her BSc and MSc at The Victoria University of Manchester based at Jodrell Bank Observatory, and her PhD at UMIST. She is involved in both the $1bn Square Kilometer Array and the $1bn Atacama Large Millimeter Array telescope. She has worked with NASA and ESA on the development of instrumentation to explore the Big Bang. Danielle thoroughly enjoys teaching her knowledge to students and is passionate about raising public awareness of the positive impact that engineering and sciences can offer.

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